onsdag 10 februari 2016


By implementing UnitySteer instead of our own steer algorithm(which didn't worked out as planed), we were able to create a working demo of pursuit, follow and evasion.

The orange capsule is the pursuit and also the one that the player are able to move around with.
The other geometries evades each other and follows the pursuer. But if it gets too close to the pursuer, it will evade.

onsdag 3 februari 2016


Due to the circumstances we did not manage to fully explore and implement the steering algorithm. The agents somehow orbits around the target in an elliptic trajectory.

The purple dot is our target.

tisdag 2 februari 2016

Trouble, lost of files

Working with git is always a mess, since we both never had/attended any kind of course in Github (which should be mandatory in KTH). Unfortunately something stranged happened, when we tried to push our work so far, we were not able to revert it, since we never even pushed anything. We will hopefully be able to work something out tonight and tomorrow before our meeting with our supervisor.